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Robin Hill Pool: Renovation Plans

Robin Hill Building Rendering

PHASE ONE (2014-15)
We replaced damaged pipes that had contributed to significantly increased chemical and water costs in recent years. This 14-month project involved removing the concrete around the pool and trenching to expose the existing pipes. We relocated the filtration equipment from the main building to a new structure that is above the former "pit." The existing pump and electrical were raised (and the pit was filled in), because the new equipment would not fit into the old room, and bringing the equipment above ground not only made the equipment safer for our lifeguards to access, but we no longer have to take out the pump at the end of each season, and reinstall it in the spring. We received our approval from the state and the county and re-opened July 2, 2015.

The cost of Phase One of the renovation was quoted at $30,000; however, due to volunteer labor, we were able to reduce that by almost. We have raised 75% of this amount as of Spring 2016, and will continue fundraising.

We already saw the impact of the project in Summer 2015. We saved more than $1,000 on chemicals and water and the pool water was cleaner and clearer than it has been in years!

This will involve resurfacing the main pool (sandblasting to remove layers and layers of paint) and fixing underlying concrete structural issues not fixed by our temporary repairs in Phase One and replastering the main pool. This will allow us to NOT have to paint the pool for 10-12 years, which is not only a savings of about $800 a year, but will also save us time. The cost for this will be between $15,000 and $40,000 (depending on the full scope of the project). You won't see the paint chipping off the bottom of the pool midway through the season anymore.

(may be accomplished along with PHASE TWO)
This phase addresses the baby pool. We would like to make the east end of the baby pool a "zero depth" entry, so that our littlest members don't have to "step down" to enter the pool. Along with this, we're considering a water feature -- perhaps spray jets, or a bucket, or a mushroom. These are pricy, however, so WHAT we do and WHEN we do it will be determined by our fundraising efforts.

The fourth and final stage for preparing us for the next 50 years is replacing the existing, built-in-1957 main building with a new facility featuring modern restrooms with locker storage areas, a better layout for the snack shack, and a "clubhouse" that can be used for private parties year-round, generating additional revenue for the pool and providing a community gathering place for meetings, events, and fundraisers.

Your support is VITAL to our efforts. THANK YOU!

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